Monday, July 3, 2017

Waitangi Treaty Grounds By Chevylee

Last week on Tuesday our whole school went to visit the Waitangi Treaty Grounds. The juniors went earlier than us they went when the bell for school to start we went at lunch time. We walked the whole way there and back, while we were there we did Maori games and activities. We made manu aute out of Nikou, we played lots of other fun games. We finished our games and activities then moved on to planting plants and trees. We paired up and one of the people in the group got a troul while the other one got a young plant. We were lucky to be able to plant the plants there one of the Waitangi Treaty Grounds Staff said, she said that we were lucky because only certain people got to plant in this special space. I had so much fun at the Treaty Grounds but sadly that was my last time to be able to go on this trip as a student with the school because I am a year 8 and this is my last year at school. :’(

Monday, June 26, 2017

Fidget Spinner Art Reflection

A few weeks ago Te Ngahere and Te Maunga did art together. We drew fidget spinners. We did our own designs and shaped the fidget spinners in the way we wanted them to be. Our success criteria was that we had to use the space on our paper, crayons and dye. We used A3 paper to draw our fidget spinners on. We traced around circle objects to make the bearings shape. I had fun drawing fidget spinners it was a fun and creative day I hope we can do even more art soon.

My Reflection About Luna Park

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In the last School Holidays we went to Australia to visit our Dad. During the holidays we went to Luna Park. Luna Park is a theme park with lots of awesome and thrilling rides. We went to Luna Park for a reward for doing cleaning and looking after Sophie (the dog) while our Dad was at work for the past few days. At School the students in Te Ngahere made ice cream but I was away so I got to choose what to write a recount about. While I was writing my recount I was practicing and learning to use metaphors, similes and the correct structure for a recount. I can’t wait until the next School Holidays because we get to go to Australia again and visit our Dad.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Why Our School Should Be Allowed To Have Our Own Lockers

Why Our School Should Be Allowed To Have Our Own Lockers

I think that we should be allowed to have our own lockers.

Firstly with our bags hanging on hooks people can steal from them whether they are open or closed. People have had things stolen from them before. With your own lockers you have your very own combination code so nobody can get into your locker and steal your things.

Secondly we should have lockers because the cloak rooms can get pretty messy. The cloak rooms get messy because people leave their things lying around. Their clothes, lunch or whatever they have in their bags can fall out and that is another way people can steal things. With lockers all your property goes inside your locker. If your locker is messy then it is your problem, not everyone who has their bag hanging in the cloakroom or has a locker. For example since we have cloak rooms when somebody makes a mess, leaves or drops their property in the cloakroom everyone has to deal with it. This is why lockers are much tidier than cloak rooms.

Thirdly lockers have shelves, hooks, and holders inside of them. You can even add more into them like mirrors; you can stick reminders on the door of your locker, headphone holders and much more. Lockers hold all of your property you’d like it to, and this is why I think we should have lockers.

Are Innovative Learning Environments Better For Teaching and Learning?

Are Innovative Learning Environments Better For Teaching and Learning?

I think that our Innovative learning environment is better for teaching and learning. I think this because it is easier and faster to write with chromebooks, because with chromebooks we type, typing is much faster than handwriting because when we handwrite we have to write each letter. When you handwrite you get sore wrists and hands.

Our classroom is better for learning because we have 2 teachers and 45 other students in 3 different year levels, year 6, 7 and 8. It is better with more students from other year levels because if you need help with something you can go to different people for  different kinds of help. Like if you need help with maths you could go to the people who are good at maths, or if you need help in writing you would go to someone who is good at writing. It is better with 2 teachers because if one of the teachers are busy then you go to the other.

We even have new furniture. We have high tables, high stools, new chairs, low tables, couches, bean bags, wobbly stools and horseshoe tables for reading, writing or maths workshops. Our new furniture is colourful and comfortable. Our new furniture is great because they are comfortable to work with and give colour to the classroom.

In conclusion I think that our Innovative Learning Environment is better for teaching and learning for all of the reasons above. I love that we are lucky enough to have comfortable, colourful furniture, chromebooks, 2 teachers and more students to go to for help. That’s why I think Innovative Learning Environments Are Better For Teaching And Learning.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Year 7/8 Rippa Rugby Tournament

Last Friday some of the year 7 and 8’s (including myself) went to Kaikohe for a Rippa Rugby Tournament. We had entered the social category  and had three games. We played against, Bay of Islands, Kaikohe Christian School and Rawene. We won all of our games and we all had fun. When we finished the tournament we all went to McDonalds and had Ice Creams. Next year we are going to enter in the competitive category. We had an awesome coach, his name was Tony and he helped us through the games by giving us feedback on what we can do better and training us for the past week. I had so much fun and can’t wait until the next Rippa Rugby Tournament.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Surf Life Saving Made By Chevylee


Te Ngahere had an awesome, learning packed day. We were lucky enough to be able to spend a whole day at the beach and learn about rips and how to spot them, how to see if somebody is in trouble and what to do and the 10 important Surf Life Saving Rules are. I learnt about different kinds of rips and what they do. I learnt that normally rips are where the calm spot in the waves, or where the water is different colour or even where debris is getting taken out to sea and it is moving fast. I enjoyed learning about rips it was really interesting and fun. We got to play games and learn how to save people with Life Saving Tubes.